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About Us

About Metatechserv Foundry Traders

We are the organization which is one of the fastest growing suppliers of foundry consumables and providers of complete technological solutions and tailor-made consultation services to the foundry industry across India and overseas. We are official distributors for leading Foundry consumable manufacturers like M/s ACME, M/s INEXO and M/s RSJ Industries.

The objective of our organization is to supply all type of consumables, providing technical solutions & services which helps the foundry Industry in achieving greatest value addition. Our wide product range comprises of chemical binders for all core and mold manufacturing processes, refractory coatings, feeders, filters, mold /core release agents, metallurgical products including inoculants, FeSiMg for metal treatment in SG iron production etc. We also offer the services in prototype development as well as a wide range of simulation services for Gray Iron, SG Iron as well as the Steel castings.

Our team of Engineers carrying more than two decades of experience in the market and our in-depth knowledge of the foundry process are of particular benefit while offering the solution to our esteemed foundry customers.

Working together in Partnership

Our experienced foundry specialists at MetaTechServ are qualified engineers and highly experienced experts from the foundry, metallurgy & mechanical engineering background. Together with our Sales team, our application team is bridging the gap between the MetaTechServ specialists and the technical team at customer end which eventually helps us to identify the problem at our customer thereby Metatech team reverts to customer with the best solution in shortest possible time span. It is indeed imperative to work in partnership with our customers while developing successful solutions for various complex requirements set by the end users in terms of quality, cost and an on-time delivery of the castings.

R&D and Technological support

In close collaboration with our manufacturing and R& D partners, we develop & upgrade our products on time-to-time basis. The dedicated research and development centres located across India and overseas extends the support for these upgradations. This enables MetaTechServ to offer its customer an advanced and tailor-made technological solution in respect with various problems faced by the foundry Industry. For instance, the challenges to meet the sound casting with literally zero-defect castings, surface finish of the internal channels of the complex castings, increasingly demand for outer aesthetics and continuous pressure to improve upon casting yield are few examples to name with. For any of your requirement related to foundry production & process improvement, please get in touch with us on below contact numbers, we would be happy to serve you on top most priority.

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